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Quality Link Building

Our link building services are offered to our SEO clients only and are not available as a stand-alone service.

Link building is a major element in the success of your search engine optimisation project. Good quality link building is not only essential in achieving the initial top search engine rankings, it effects the long term reputation and success of your website.

Just one outbound link from your website to a 'bad neighbourhood' can be enough to get your website penalised by the major search engines. Similarly, bad quality inbound links (usually those offered by many link building companies) can get your site penalised. Penalties can be anything from reduced visability to complete removal from the search engine's index.

A handful of good quality links can be the making of a website

Although, (in addition to website optimisation), a few good inbound links can be enough to get a website top search engine rankings, good quality links are hard to come by.

It is easy to get low quality links, however, these have little or no value at all. Finding and agreeing high quality links and link exchanges is a very time consuming process but worth the time spent. ie; one very good link is better than 20 or even 100 low quality links.

There are over 17 factors that we take into consideration when determining the value of a link or link exchange.

Link Building Services

Our link building services are offered to our website optimisation clients only. Services include submission to major directories and relevant industry directories via their free submit route. Listings in pay for directories are optional.